You see a clearing of land on the north side of Hwy

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AUDIE CORNISH, BYLINE: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Audie Cornish. Here’s one less thing to worry about as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week: preparing and cooking the turkey. Kingsbury was fired after going 35 40 in six seasons at Texas Tech, but his teams were known for their high scoring performances. His prize pupil in those days was current Kansas City Chiefs All Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Tuesday hiring came barely a month after Kingsbury was hired as offensive coordinator at USC..

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“Seeing this pandemic and thinking back to when we came out of the lockout year, I think early on in this season this becomes a veteran laden football season,” Pederson said. “Football teams are going to have to rely on their veteran players, and Nate is one of those guys for us. He’s been on our roster now the last couple of seasons, and he knows exactly what we are doing.

“My issue is I’ve just dropped the ball over these last lot of years. But like you said, last year, I was able to capitalize for the nine games I was playing and I felt like I had a lot left, but unfortunately, I got injured and stuff like that. Like I said, I’m looking forward to making plays like that in Detroit.”.