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wholesale nfl jerseys from china You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeBrandon Clark, who recently returned to the club, put in a thrilling performance hitting 25 points but the point guard admits that the side’s energy and effort were lacking.He said for him his individual performance means nothing if it doesn’t bring the side success: “It was disappointing, our energy and effort weren’t where it should have been and that’s not nobody else but us as a team. We should bring it every night, we are professionals and we didn’t bring it.’My individual performance doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t bring team success and being a point guard, I feel that part of that if not most it lies upon me to not have the guys ready to come out and bring that energy and that effort like I mentioned.”Once again, the Morningside Arena was packed full of Riders’ supporters and Clark admits that they gave them a boost but that he’s disappointed that in the end they couldn’t get the win.”The fans are always there and it’s just disappointing that we let them down because they do a hell of a job getting down here every single home game and they gave us that boost.”Give credit where it’s due to Cheshire because when we made that push they came back with another push of their own. That’s just on us because we can’t expect to turn it on and turn it off when we are ready to.”Read MoreAll about Leicester RidersLeicester Riders head coach Rob Paternostro also gave his views on the loss and said that in his opinion the side aren’t scoring enough and that Cheshire deserved to win cheap nfl jerseys in the end: “Not good, we really struggled to score again.”It’s now becoming a common occurrence for cheap nfl jerseys us to shoot in the 30s wholesale nfl jerseys from china.