We began our three month get fit series with a quiz

There’s nothing more frightening than seeing your child is ill and not knowing what is wrong with them. The iTriage app is designed to help. It was created by two ER doctors and it allows you to check up on your child’s symptoms and find information on what you should do.

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Her amazing experience, maturity, basketball IQ and work ethic, Jenelle is going to make an immediate impact on our team, said Versyp. A matchup nightmare on the offensive end, where she can post up smaller guards and get buckets inside or take post players to the perimeter and exploit them with her 3 point shot and mid range game. She going to give us a huge boost on the boards, showing an ability to hit the glass hard on both ends and rebound really well out of her area.

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In addition to offering unusual, rare and treasured seed varieties that big companies may not keep in stock, Michigan seed companies provide an added bonus, Cohen says: Locally grown seeds are adapted to local environments, making them more likely to produce successful harvests when grown in the same region. “When we buy seeds that are grown locally, they’re going to perform better. They’re going to be more resilient and more productive.

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