Ugly sweater parties to dominate

The primary reason is the way he has addressed the coronavirus pandemic since early this year, and the effect this has had on our economy and the lives of Americans.Trump knows he needs to divert Americans’ attention to other issues, hoping that they’ll focus on those. He’s chosen two such diversions in recent days the prosecution of retired Gen. Michael Flynn and, of course, Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, twice, and was sentenced accordingly.

Many fans believe this is one of the better kits that the Timbers have worn in the MLS era. Still, we feel there are better kits that the Timbers have worn.The 2012 13 kitsare simple and clean. These are Portland white jerseys in the MLS era and, though they weren particularly bold, the club hit the mark for a white look.

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Randy Foreman is our White House Correspondent, who attends daily briefings at the White House, and reports on what happening in the nation capital. John McCormick is our long time science, medical and health journalist, finance and social commentator, after writing more than 17,000 for broadsheet newspapers. He is a member of the National Press Club of Washington, and a Certified Reuters Insight Expert Consultant.

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