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Some, like Amazon, are turning to high tech solutions like thermal cameras that screen workers for fever.It will limit offices to 25% capacity in the months after it reopens and mandate temperature checks at the office, according to Bloomberg. It will also require that workers wear masks in the office when not social distancing.CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in April that Facebook employees will be encouraged to keep working from home to reduce density as other companies that don’t have that option return to business as usual.”We know that most people can’t work from home as easily as many of our employees can. We also know that when society does eventually start re opening, it will have to open slowly in staggered waves to make sure that the people who are returning to work can do so safely and that we minimize the possibility of future outbreaks,” Zuckerberg said.However, some key employees will be able to go back to the office as early as June, Pichai said.

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