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Anyway, AZ will do just fine without toll roads and short term licences or sending schoolkids to the border to fight drug cartels. This is not our first rodeo (aka recession). We’ve been declared dead at least twice in the time I have been here only to bounce back and lead the nation in growth..

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14. Green Bay Packers (6 9 1)The marriage between Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur will be one to keep a close eye on this fall, but as long as Rodgers is healthy, it’s hard to count out the Packers. It will also be interesting to see how the high priced additions to their defense fare..

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Update: As Annette Cardona, the actress earned a master’s degree in social work and taught speech at California State University, Northridge. I found this interview she gave to the school newspaper last December. In it, she recalled her time as a dancer and actress on stage, television and film.