The canopy layer is characterized by 60 to 130 feet

Many schools are stretched financially and may not have enough items to help teachers maintain a healthy classroom. If there isn’t enough soap, hand sanitizer, or tissues to go around, ask if you can donate some or encourage each parent to supply a box of tissue and bacterial wipes to build up your classroom’s supply. Teachers may also appreciate small paper cups for water, colorful posters reminding kids to wash their hands, or, for younger kids, soaps with a fun smell or color to encourage lathering up..

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Even though China is playing to its long term plan to use the LAC to destabilise India, Delhi does need to get its act together when it comes to Beijing as any conciliatory move with the best of intentions will be viewed as a sign of weakness. Rather than leave it to its military or diplomatic commanders, the two leaders need to have a candid conversation on the lines of the Wuhan or Mahabalipuram dialogue to carry out course corrections and take the bilateral relationship beyond third party suspicions. This may sound simple but is terribly complex as another challenge is looming on the horizon with Tibetan leader in exile Dalai Lama, now 84 years old, and still without a designated reincarnation.

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“I felt at the time we had to shut down, it devastated the kids. They started getting the news that there may not even be a season. They were distraught, reaching out for answers, especially our seniors. The canopy layer is characterized by 60 to 130 feet trees. Branches are packed tightly together, creating a ‘ceiling’ of foliage, or canopy. Sunlight is abundant at the top of the canopy, but quickly turns to shade.

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