Maybe your goal would be to run in a 5k

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In a statement, Lehman College spokesperson Sarah Ramsey said, “We are aware that an individual was arrested last night after an incident at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The individual was hired at Lehman College during this academic year, and was a part time, online instructor this semester.

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So let’s start by talking about the composition of your photo. If you have heard about the golden ratio you’ll know that’s a fantastic rule to have in mind. If you haven’t heard about it before, I will give you a quick explanation. Flags on federal buildings will fly at half staff this weekend to honor those who have died from the coronavirus. Trump announced the order on Thursday, and it comes as the nation approaches 100,000 deaths from the virus. The flags are traditionally lowered on Memorial Day to honor the nation’s fallen members of the military, and that will be the case this Monday, as well.