“It is with deep sadness that we announce three

The first thing you have to do to see a bird is open your eyes. We all know those things with wings are in our yards, on our wires, at the neighbor’s feeder, but we may not bother to actually see them; they may just register in our minds as “bird.” So really look at the bird. As the saying goes, the eye can’t see what the mind doesn’t know.

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Getting more confused, I ended up crossing over an icy stream, falling in and feeling as if I was sinking into it. The man who was guiding me helped me out and we continued on. I then ended up on the other side where the ocean was and walked on the beach to get into the building, which seemed more like a hotel than a hospital.

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10,000 crores for the formalisation of micro food enterprises (MFEs) to promote “vocal for local with global outreach”; Rs. 15,000 crores for animal husbandry infrastructure development fund and allocations for marine, inland fisheries and aquaculture with development of required logistics; promotion of herbal cultivation and bee keeping; expansion of operation green to all fruits and vegetables (TOP to TOTAL). In fact, agricultural economists and experts have been advocating for these reforms for years together, especially before each of the Annual Budget exercise, but for no avail.

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