It can also be diagnosed through an MRI

Last year (jesus was it really only one year ago?) Hannah Gadsby after successfully upending the world of stand up for a hot minute with her Netflix special Nanette retired, then unretired, then embarked on her first world tour, which sold out every stop (including four shows at the Newmark here in Portland). Douglas is streaming now on Netflix, and it differs from Nanette in that there isn’t a show stopping ending that turns your heart inside out (Gadsby addresses that expectation pretty early on), but it’s also a more finely tailored, comfortable, and confident hour of stand up, one that touches on the controversy of male comics completely disqualifying Nanette as stand up at all, somewhere before she turns the whole concert into a renaissance art lecture. According to Gadsby, “It’s gonna be good! Unless you don’t like it! Then it’s still gonna be good, and you’ll be wrong.”.

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