I am content going into the season with Romo as my

With the exception of an injury shortened season in 2010, Romo has at least 25 passing touchdowns in five of the past six seasons. I am content going into the season with Romo as my starting quarterback.Running Backs: It always worries me to not take a running back with my first pick and to not have at least two running backs after my first three picks. Despite waiting to the fourth round to get my second running back, this team has plenty of depth at the position with Gore and Ballard backing up Lynch and MJD.

Please know that the health and safety of our fans is our highest priority and we will be conducting business in accordance with any actions or regulations set forth by state and local government and public health officials. 3. It the daily workload that can exert a lot of stress and pressure on them. Under such conditions, these workers may not be able to work in an attentive manner. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ensures the safety of employees, as well as their efficiency in their respective work.

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