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A Fort Smith venue is hosting what might be the state first real COVID 19 era concert, three days earlier than Governor Hutchinson May 18 lift on the closures of large indoor venues. Those state directives suggest audiences should number no more than 50. The Fort Smith concert would defy that order by reducing its capacity only to 229..

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“There are some great sounds of sports,” added Farber, who did an outstanding TSN Original feature on Guerrero titled Swing Away that aired this week and is available on the TSN website. And you’d hear this patter. But one of the great sounds in sports was listening to Vladimir Guerrero throw a baseball.

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In the early days of the pandemic, many libraries and other public buildings shut their doors, leaving homeless people with nowhere to go during the day. The camp offered an opportunity to “stay at home” away from crowded shelters. Their fears were heightened by reports of COVID 19 spreading through area shelters.

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