He said it the test with the NFL game operations

Hall of Fame President David Baker promises the new turf will be as good as any the Cowboys and Cardinals will play on. He said it the test with the NFL game operations folks. Baker joked that the football team and cheerleaders from McKinley High School next door had been successfully practicing on it..

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And that, mind you, was good war. While saluting those photogenic centenarian vets featured by the NFL, we should also remember those who didn come home and those who came home with radically altered lives. Sledge, for instance, recalled a buddy of his, Jim Day, who dreamed of running a horse ranch in California after the war.

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Now, teachers, in at least four states, are wearing red red to symbolize the critical condition of our educational system. Despite all of the talk and the programs geared at leaving no child behind or at having students race to the top, education systems in many states are woefully underfunded and thus are struggling to properly education our youth. As a result, many teachers are wearing red to serve as a warning sign.