Emotional time travel film from “Love Actually”

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Further, this community, Blacksburg, just went through another tragic shooting on campus (recall the 32 killed by a campus gunman in 2007). This community is small (enrollment about 26,000) and one thing that has astounded me is how the this community and the university rally around each other when something happens. The football team tends to do the same give them a reason to play their hearts out and that what I have seen them do..

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Under this proposal, landlords who agree to forgive rent payments and not evict tenants would get tax credits equal to the value of the lost rent. The tax credits would be transferable so the property owner could sell them to get cash immediately. The program would be available only to tenants who have a financial hardship because of COVID 19, and the tenants would have to repay their rent debt to the state over 10 years, starting in 2024..

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