Don talk about the wellness of our players publicly

Nexus 7 is of course the newest release from Google, and because Netflix is still King of the Castle when it comes to On Demand Streaming services, it’s only natural that the Netflix app was voted one of the best apps for Nexus 7. However, Netflix is actually unavailable in most countries, and for those few countries that do have a local version of Netflix, it’s slightly different that the US version. There are fewer movies, fewer new releases, and language settings dubbing may present a problem for travelers.

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First thing always is to think about the well being of Antonio, to understand what Antonio is going through, Goodell said. Don talk about the wellness of our players publicly, but I can tell you that you can be sure that the NFL and NFLPA have tremendous amounts of resources available to all players. They are going to be made available to Antonio.

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Remember bad times will fade away into better times. Most importantly we must learn how we ended up in these times of adversity. Was it avoidable, could we have managed ourselves to lessen the impact or was it out of our control? Losing a loved one is a tragedy that no one escapes unscathed.

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