As far as a stamp and all that stuff

The players have taken the message and they’ve really, really bought in and those guys have really made this thing come to life. As far as a stamp and all that stuff, we always talk about it’s the players that make that call come to life, regardless of what happens. To their credit, they’ve been working at it for three years now and they’re doing a really nice job making it come to life, if that makes sense.”.

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Can Eagles second round pick Miles Sanders follow in the footsteps of Saquon Barkley as a Penn State running back to win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?Analysis: The Eagles drafted Clayton Thorson in the fifth round for a reason, and he seems like he could be the team’s backup quarterback of the future if Nate Sudfeld moves on in free agency after this season. 53 overall pick. It could come down to Josh Adams and Wendell Smallwood for the No.

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