A woman addressing the crowd said the display was a

“Then a strong force from the west tried to move my house to the east. It tried three strong pushes spaced seconds apart. It made me head for the door frame and look for the quickest exit. Police patrol a demonstration by people protesting against coronavirus lockdown measures in Lansing, Michigan: AFP via Getty ImagesA fight broke out between anti lockdown protesters in Michigan after one began waving an American flag with a doll tied to the pole by a noose around its neck.As armed demonstrators gathered at Michigan’s State Capitol to denounce the governor’s stay at home orders, one man began waving his flag with the naked doll attached in one hand while also carrying an axe in the other.The skirmish broke out when another protester tried to grab the flag and doll away, saying it was “the wrong message” while another yelled “first amendment”.Two men wrestled for control of the axe before they separated and police arrived on the scene.A woman addressing the crowd said the display was a hate crime that would not be tolerated in Michigan.Police patrol a demonstration by people protesting against coronavirus lockdown measures in Lansing, Michigan (AFP via Getty Images)Read more The ‘Reopen’ protests may make a few people wealthy and lots more sickWhen can we really expect coronavirus to end?Everything you need to know on supermarket delivery slotsThe dirty truth about washing your handsWhich countries around the world has coronavirus spread to?Listen to the latest episode of Coronavirus PodcastBurr submits final Russia report before leaving chairmanshipSenate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr on Friday submitted the final report in the panel three year Russia investigation to the intelligence community for a declassification review. The move came hours before he was to temporarily step aside as chairman of the panel. The report on the panel counterintelligence findings including whether President Donald Trump campaign coordinated with Russia marks the conclusion of its Russia probe, which it first launched in January 2017.Suspect in Ahmaud Arbery killing called 911 days before about alleged trespasserLess than two weeks before Ahmaud Arbery was pursued by two men and fatally shot after purportedly entering a home under construction in Brunswick, Georgia, one of the suspects reported an encounter with a man at the same building site.

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