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In those 15 years, he has compiled a record of 123 wins, 111 losses and three ties. He replaced Dick LeBeau, who compiled a record of 12 wins and 33 losses. And he replaced Bruce Coslet, who compiled a record of 22 wins and 39 losses. “I got a call that I matched a young woman in her young 20s [23] with leukemia, so they asked if I wanted to donate, and of course it was a no brainer for me,” Worrilow said. “I didn’t donate bone marrow, but I donated PBSC, peripheral blood stem cells. It’s just awesome, man, the opportunity to help somebody, because people with the blood cancers, things of that sort, they don’t always have a match in their family.

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“I think this is the last time I’ll probably do something of that magnitude on the field, so it was a little weird,” Aplin said of his experience. “Coming out here to train in the mornings this week without going through meetings and practice definitely felt different, but at the same time it’s time to start the next chapter. The last two months have been non stop training, so it was nice to get this point.