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Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway bring stellar performances to this dystopian flick directed by Christopher Nolan. When a blight devastates crops and livestock around the world, the only solution is to vacate Earth and relocate to a distant planet capable of sustaining human life. Though the film certainly hit a few speed bumps during production there was reportedly a huge script rewrite when Nolan nabbed the director’s chair from Steven Spielberg “Interstellar” manages to give audiences a smooth ride into the fictional “fifth dimension.” With expertly and expensively rendered special effects, who cares if the film’s plot holes are bigger than Gargantua? Gillian Edevane.

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cheap jerseys The FactsPlanet: SaturnType: Icy MoonMass: 1.35 1023 kgEquatorial Radius: 2575 kmMean Density: 1.88 g/cm3Length of Day: Almost 16 Earth daysAcceleration due to Gravity: 1.35 m/s2Mean Orbital Velocity: 5.58 km/sInclination of cheap jerseys Axis: 26.7 degreesMean Distance from Saturn: 1.2 million kmTitan’s LayersTitan has been theorised to have a crust made primarily of ice, with a huge underground ocean of extremely salty water lying several kilometres beneath the surface, where the temperature is warm enough that the ice melts. You can kind of view this underground ocean as the equivalent of Earth’s mantle. Much like how Earth has a crust of rock over a huge ocean of liquid rock (magma), Titan has a crust of solid water (ice) over a huge ocean of liquid water cheap jerseys.